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 Current Aim Of NCC

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In view of the changing socio-economic environment, an exercise was undertaken by the Ministry of  Defence to make aims of National Cadet Corps in tune with the aspirations of the youth. As part of recommendations of an Evaluation Committee, the following aims have since been adopted by the National Cadet Corps:-


To develop qualities of Character, Courage, Comradeship, Discipline, Leadership, Secular Outlook, Spirit of Adventure and Sportsmanship, besides the ideals of Selfless Service among the youth to make them useful citizens.

To create human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth, provide leadership in all walks of life including the Armed Forces and always be available for the service of the Nation.

The movement was open to both school and university students. The corps started in a small way with a target of only 32,500 Senior Division and 1,35,000 Junior Division Cadets. Today, its sanctioned strength stand more than 12 lakh cadets.

The National Cadet Corps was given an inter-service image in 1950 when the Air Wing was added followed by the Naval Wing in 1952. While elementary military training was given to school students (cadets of Junior Division), college students (cadets of the Senior Division) were trained as potential officers of the Army. Following the Chinese Aggression, to meet the requirement of the nation, the National Cadet Corps training was made compulsory in 1963. However, on the resistance of students against compulsory National Cadet Corps training and also on the suggestions of some Vice Chancellors, the entry into the NCC was again made voluntary in 1968.